Alec Briar is a major character in the Salinger Saga, appearing in The Assassin's Boy, The Assassin's Code, and The Assassin's War. After a long career in British Intelligence, he became the friend and mentor of both Charles and Jack Kole, and worked with the Salingers for over twenty years.

Name- Alec Marshall Briar

Born- April 10, 1938 in London, England

Died- July 5, 2013 (age 75) in Clearwater, New York, United States

Nationality- British, American
Occupation- Manager, Handler, Janitor, Spy, Soldier

Main Affiliations- Sophie Montgomery (Ex-Wife), Zachary Briar (Son), Charles Kole, Emily Kole, Jack Kole, Zoe Aster, Claude Hammerstein

Known Countries of Operation- United States, United Kingdom, Egypt, Vietnam, Portugal, China, Dolphin Bay, Russia, Kenya, Italy, Mexico, France, United Arab Emirates

Appears In- The Assassin's Boy, The Assassin's Code, The Assassin's War

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