Jack Kole is a central protagonist in the Salinger Saga, appearing as the main character in The Assassin's Boy, The Assassin's Code, and The Assassin's War, collectively known as the Jack Kole Trilogy. He is a member of the Salinger family line whose career as an assassin began in 2011 at the age of 17.

Name- Jack Charles Kole
Born- June 6, 1994 (age 20) in New York City, New York, United States
Nationality- American
Occupation- Assassin, Student

Main Affiliations- Charles Kole (Father), Emily Kole (Mother), Harrison Chase (Uncle), Jennifer Chase (Aunt), Matt Chase (Cousin), Zoe Aster (Girlfriend/Wife), Alec Kole (Son), Amy Chase (Second Cousin), Alec Briar, G, Claude Hammerstein, Solomon Dlamini, Alison Swift 

Known Countries of Operation- United States, Mexico, Dolphin Bay, Argentina, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Russia, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, China

Appears In- The Assassin's Boy, The Assassin's Code, The Assassin's War


Jack Kole was born on June 6, 1994 in New York City, the son of Charles and Emily Kole.  He comes from a long line of assassins, known as the Salingers, which stretches back to the Third Crusade. At the time of his birth, his father Charles as the acting Salinger. Jack lived a rather uneventful early life, usually staying home with his mother in their Manhattan apartment while his father was away on assignments. However, in August 1996, Charles and Emily Kole were murdered while on a mission in Hong Kong, leaving Jack orphaned at the age of two.  Despite Alec Briar's attempts to adopt him, Jack was handed over to foster care, and ended up at St. David's Foster Home near Central Park in Manhattan, where he lived for fifteen years. During his time at St. David's, Jack became known for his wit, womanizing, trouble-making, and rebellious nature, however he was unaware of his true origins- to protect the Kole family secret, Alec Briar had told the government that his parents were teachers, and had died in a plane crash in the Caspian Sea.

The Assassin's BoyEdit

In 2011, at the age of 17, Jack gets into a fight with another boy at St. David's, Jonny, over a girl, and is transfered to the Scarlett Academy, a boarding school in upstate New York where his father used to teach as a cover for his assassin career.  There he meets Alec Briar, his father's old handler who is undercover as a janitor.  Briar tells Jack his roots, and Jack swears to become an assassin himself in order to get revenge on his father's killer, a Chinese businessman named Hai Kao.  So, Jack trains for several months and then travels with Briar to Hong Kong, breaking into the headquarters of Kao's company, Lau Enterprises, and assassinating his security chief Sheng Zhou (his fist kill), and later Kao himself aboard a bullet train.  Though his initial mission is over, Jack is disturbed by Kao's last words, which hint at a larger conspiracy.  After returning to New York, Jack meets Zoe Aster, a new student at the Scarlett Academy, who he instantly falls for and begins dating.  However, Zoe is eventually kidnapped by someone named South Dakota- apparently the mercenary who Kao hired to kill Jack's parents in 1996.  Jack decides to go after Kao, in order to save Zoe and finish his revenge mission. He travels to Amsterdam to meet with an informant named Claude Hammerstein in a nightclub, who reveals the full truth- Kao and South Dakota, whose real name is Dominic Payne, were both CIA operatives in a 1996 operation to eliminate Jack's parents, known as Burning Bush. Payne headed a front company called Sunset Enterprises which requested Charles to eliminate his 'rival', Hai Kao. However, it was a trap to lure Charles to Hong Kong, where he was killed. Before he can reveal anymore, Hammerstein is shot in the head by Payne's spy, Klaus Bernin, who Jack then kills, but not before learning Payne's location- the Caribbean island of Dolphin Bay, where Zoe is also being held.  Jack and Briar travel to Dolphin Bay, where Jack finds Zoe locked up in an old mansion before being knocked out.  Once awakened, he comes face-to-face with Payne, who reveals that Zoe worked for him all along, meant to lure Jack to Dolphin Bay to be killed.  However, Zoe double-crosses Payne, and helps Jack escape aboard stolen jetskis, revealing that she has no more need for Payne's blood money, and is in love with Jack for real.  Jack and Zoe then break onto Payne's luxury yacht, the Zephyr, and Jack and Payne engage in a brutal fight on the ship's top deck before Payne escapes, Jack swearing to find him someday.  He does so in April 2012, when he finally assassinates Payne in Buenos Aires, launching his career as a freelance assassin.

The Assassin's CodeEdit

In the months after the death Dominic Payne, Jack rose to claim the Salinger name and become one of the world's top assassins, completing jobs all over the globe, most notably the assassination of German businessman Ernst Mezler in Munich.  He is hired by Alison Swift, a wealthy British heiress, to discovered who murdered her father and exact vengeance upon them.  After an assassination attempt on Alison, Jack chases the shooter through the London Underground, finding out the name of his employer- Arkady Valermov- before leaving him to be killed by oncoming subway train.  Alison explains that Valermov is a Russian industrialist, the head of Titan Industries, her father's old business partner, and the father of her ex-boyfriend, Sergei.  Jack and Alison head to a Titan Industries gala in Moscow, where Valermov gives a keynote speech on Titan's efforts to stop AIDS in Kenya through a drug called Omeg-X.  Jack, his suspisicions aroused, heads to Valermov's plant in Siberia and discovers that Valermov is inserting toxins into Omeg-X, slowly poisoning the Kenyan population.  Jack, along with Zoe and Briar, head to Africa, looking for an old contact of his father's, Gordon Dlamini, for help.  Instead, they find his son, Solomon, now an arms dealer, who explained that his father died after taking Omeg-X and that Kenya is on the brink of civil war between the government and the rebel forces of the rogue general Eugene Buntu, who has a strange alliance with Valermov.  Jack and Solomon head to a nearby village under attack by Buntu's forces, where they learn that Valermov is poisoning Kenyans who support the government, allowing Buntu to take over the country, who will then give Valermov a large monopoly of the Kenyan market in return.  Jack and Solomon head back to Nairobi, and find that Buntu's troops have attacked the Kibera slum, and kidnapped Briar.  Jack, Zoe, and Solomon hike through the African wilderness to a game reserve where Briar is being held, and are all knocked unconsious.  They awake in Buntu's military compound in rural Kenya.  Solomon is shot and killed by Valermov, enraging Jack, who kills Buntu with a rocket launcher and then battles Valermov on a cliffside.  After Valermov is shot by Briar, Jack pushes him off the cliff, killing him and ending his plot.  Thinking that the ordeal is over, Jack realizes its not when he remembers Alison.  Traveling to her villa in Tuscany, Jack sees Alison rekindling with Sergei, Valermov's son, who is about to be assassinated.  Jack kills the assassin and has a car chase with Alison, who is severly wounded when her car crashes down a hill.  Before she dies, she reveals that she was behind it all along- she wanted control of both her father's company and Titan Industries, so she had her father killed to inherit ownership of his business, and then hired Jack to discreetly kill Valermov so she could rekindle with Sergei, kill him as well, and take over Titan Industries, including its plot in Kenya.  After comforting Sergei after Alison's death, Jack travels back to the US.

The Assassin's WarEdit

In 2013, six months after the death of Alison Swift, Jack is struggling professionally and personally, his relationships with Zoe and Briar strained.  While on a day shopping in Manhattan with Zoe, Jack is almost killed by a sniper's bullet.  He chases the shooter, a beautiful French assassin named Camille Bouchard, through a construction site, but she escapes in a helicopter, stabbing Jack in the process.  Knowing he has to find out who tried to kill him and stop them, Jack traces the knife's origin to an antiques dealer, Pierre Ducard, in Paris.  Jack, Zoe, and Briar travel to France, where Jack tails Ducard, eventually finding himself in a massive underground warehouse, revealing Ducard is part of a large, international smuggling ring. While being chased by Jack, Ducard commits suicide with a cyanide capsule, however Jack manages to recover Ducard's phone.  Strangely, it contains an appointment for the next night at an abandoned French chateau near Bordeaux with Dominic Payne, Jack's old enemy.  Jack, confused, breaks into the chateau, where he is drugged by a dart and experiences vivid and frightening hallucinations of his past.  Upon awakening, Jack meets a man who calls himself Artemus, who claims he will destroy the Salinger family, and locks Jack in a tower of explosives before escaping to Dubai.  Jack manages to escape the tower, and travels with Zoe and Briar to Dubai, where they break into the headquarters of COBRA, whose mercenaries are working for Artemus.  There, Jack sees Artemus, Camille, and Hammerstein, who it turns out survived being shot in the head two years earlier.  Jack confronts Hammerstein, who reveals he has been working with Artemus and Ducard on a large smuggling operation, but has no idea why Artemus wants Jack dead so badly.  Hammerstein agrees to help Jack, however, Jack is captured by Artemus and taken to a large underground prison called the Pit in the Rub Al Khali Desert.  There, Artemus reveals his true identity- Zachary Briar, Alec Briar's son who was thought to have died while helping Jack's father on a mission in 1992.  Zachary reveals that he survived, and was held in the Prison for ten years before escaping and becoming a mercenary in the Middle East, and one of the founders of COBRA.  He blames his father and the Salinger family for abandoning him, and locks Jack in the Pit so he can experience the torment Zachary experienced.  Zachary leaves Jack behind, saying he'll take care of his father and Zoe.  However, Jack manages to escape the Pit and get to back to Dubai, where he convinces Hammerstein to help him.  He discovers Zachary has kidnapped Zoe and Briar, and has taken them to Washington DC, his hometown.  Jack and Hammerstein rush back the the US, where Jack reaches a cathedral taken over by Zachary and rescues Zoe and Briar.  However, Hammerstein is killed by a sniper shot in the process.  Jack, Zoe, and Briar then head back to the Scarlett Academy, which is closed for the summer, knowing Zachary will come to find them, and they can face him in a final stand.  A few nights later, Zachary and his COBRA troops besiege the Scarlett Academy, and Jack, Zoe, and Briar fight them, Zoe killing Camille in the Academy's cafeteria.  While Jack has a fist fight with Zachary in the woods, Zoe and Briar head to the HQ to defend it, however Briar is shot in the process.  Zoe lays him to rest outside the Kole Memorial Fountain, while Jack is knocked out by Zachary.  Zachary then confronts his father and Zoe, about to kill them when Jack, having recovered comes up from behind, stabbing Zachary with Camille's knife and killing him.  Briar then dies in Jack's arms.  Hearing the police close in, Jack takes Briar's body and tells Zoe a cover story to relay to the police, saying that Jack died in the attack.  Before Zoe can say anything else, Jack slips away.  Weeks later, Zoe is back in Dolphin Bay when Jack returns to her, and they can finally begin a peaceful life together. 


Not much of Jack's life after the events of The Assassin's War has been revealed, as the fourth book in the series focuses on a different protagonist, and Jack does not appear, although his name is mentioned at the end.  However, it is assumed that he is living a peaceful life with Zoe in hiding.  Expanded Universe literature has revealed that, in the future, Jack resumes his career as Salinger, is married to Zoe, and has a son named Alec, who he is also training to be an assassin.

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