Zoe Aster is a major character in the Salinger saga, appearing in The Assassin's Boy, The Assassin's Code, and The Assassin's War.  She is the girlfriend, and later wife, of Jack Kole.

Name- Zoe Marie Aster
Born- November 22, 1994 (Age 19) in Baytown, Dolphin Bay
Nationality- American
Occupation- Student, Assistant

Main Affiliations- Jack Kole (Boyfriend/Husband),  Rose Aster (Grandmother), Alec Briar, Dominic Payne, G, Solomon Dlamini, Claude Hammerstein

Known Countries of Operation- United States, Dolphin Bay, Kenya, Italy, France, United Arab Emirates

Appears In- The Assassin's Boy, The Assassin's Code, The Assassin's War


Zoe was born on the Caribbean island of Dolphin Bay.  Her parents were Jason and Marie Aster, originally from Chicago, who settled in Dolphin Bay for Jason's job with a fishing company.  In 1997, when Zoe was just three years old, she was orphaned when her parents' speedboat ran aground on a reef and exploded.  Zoe stayed in Dolphin Bay, and was adopted by her paternal grandmother, Rose Aster.  Zoe grew up on the island, developing a rebellious nature and often getting into trouble with both school authorities and the law.  Her grandmother also became increasingly burdened with disease.  In 2011, Rose Aster developed a new form of cancer and had to travel to Miami for treatment.  Zoe took a job renting snorkeling gear to tourists to try to pay for the treatment, but had trouble making ends meet.  That's when she met Dominic Payne, a disgraced CIA agent who also lived in Dolphin Bay.  Payne offered to pay for her grandmother's treatment if Zoe went undercover at a boarding school in upstate New York, and lured a teenaged boy, Jack Kole, back to Dolphin Bay.  Zoe, wanting the money, agreed to Payne's proposal unquestioningly.

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